Who is this qualification for?
The logistics sector has historically had an aging workforce in Scotland. Coupled with this age profile, the sector has experienced great difficulty in attracting and retaining young, competent, driven people. These qualifications are aimed at young people, in particular, and the revised Modern Apprenticeship frameworks are designed to address skills needs and gaps in freight logistics – providing a progression route and skills development for both new and existing employees.

At SCQF Level 5, the qualification is ideal for those in day to day processes driven roles in a logistics environment and involves the application of knowledge and skills in a significant range of varied work activities, performed in a variety of contexts. Perfect for learners who are involved in activities which are complex or non-routine where there is some individual responsibility and autonomy as well as wide scope for collaboration with others to achieve outcomes, goals or tasks.

SCQF Level 6 is more suitable for anyone in a supervisory role, and who may have some management responsibilities but no formal training. It involves the learner being able to perform and demonstrate certain skills, knowledge and understanding in a range of varied work activities relating to supervising the receipt, movement, storage and dispatch of goods; functions that rely on a competent team that can ensure materials and products arrive at the right place, in the right condition, and on time.

What are the benefits?
Skills shortages are a particular problem for this sector in Scotland and these qualifications will give learners at all levels the skills and confidence to proficiently and confidently handle a range of tasks. They will help learners to acquire and develop competence in the daily operations and supervision of logistics operations, as well as a general appreciation of the relevance of their role in maintaining the supply chain and delivering results.

For employers, we can do, so your people can do. We add value to your company by bringing out the ‘personal best’ in the individual and giving them the hands-on skills, they need. We do this in a time and cost-effective way through a combination of assessing, training, coaching and mentoring; getting you maximum results with minimal disruption. With staff who are motivated, knowledgeable and skilled your company can perform better.

Why pbLearning?
We offer a learning package that sets us apart from other providers including:

Creating individual learning plans for every learner
Providing one-to-one mentoring from a dedicated member of the pbLearning team
Offering a blended learning approach which includes face-to-face workshops and 24/7 access to our e-portfolio system
Finding solutions to whatever challenges our clients throw at us
Using trainers and assessors who are from the real-world. They’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt

Our success rates talk for themselves but talk is cheap. It’s the doing that counts and we can do.

What’s included?
As part of the Modern Apprenticeship, all learners undertake a relevant SVQ (certificated by SQA), core skills and any industry specific training required. We provide face-to-face workshops or e-learning modules on the core content including:

at SCQF Level 5:

Maintaining health and safety in logistics operations
Developing effective working relationships with colleagues
Moving or handling goods

and at SCQF Level 6:

• Monitoring the receipt, storage and dispatch of goods
Responding to problems in logistics operations
• Promoting, monitoring and maintaining health, safety and security
• Allocating and monitoring the progress and quality of work.

We also use a range of work-based learning and project activities to give learners the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills they have learnt in the workshops and achieve their SVQ in a ‘tried and tested’, practical way.

How long will this take to complete?
This qualification takes on average between 9 and 12 months to complete.

What does this cost?
Depending on your circumstances, this qualification may be fully funded by Skills Development Scotland, regardless of your age, so may not cost you or your employer anything.

How can I find our more?
Contact Pam by emailing hello@pb-learning.co.uk or by calling 01383 630 444.